Workshops: "If I could get all my employees to this class, I'd do it."

In any given communication situation, there are an array of solutions that can be designed to assure increased productivity.

Our Workshops acknowledge the complexity of your industry and your workforce and guarantee that a custom built solution can be engineered for increased productivity. We accomplish these solutions in two ways:

  • Any of our Seminars can be expanded and customized to suit your particular needs and purposes.
  • If a ground-up solution is required, we begin with a consulting and research period and then work with you to custom-build a Workshop to fit your needs and budget. In the case of custom built Workshops, our implementation may include consulting with the educational bodies in your industry (and other professionally related fields) to determine if Kairos training can be offered for formal CEUs. 

In either case, our initial consultation is always free of charge.

Once a tentative solution is agreed upon, we'll work with you to determine the most effective and efficient ways to implement the program. We at Kairos are aware that sometimes a critical solution involves the development of one or several key personnel, a small division, or even your entire workforce. We are also sensitive to the fact that solutions must often be built in stages in respect to your overall strategy and/or budget constraints.

Our Workshops range in length anywhere between a half-day workshop, to an 8-week "course," to ongoing intermittent training.

Please contact us with any questions and/or to schedule an initial consultation with one of our professional trainers.

We look forward to beginning the conversation with you!