Course Syllabi

Full course syllabi for courses I’ve taught and for those under development. Please borrow whatever is useful to you and do let me know about the successes and challenges you have with the courses I’ve designed and the alterations you may find they need. It would be great if we could find ways to link like-syllabi and share course content between institutions. Any suggestions are most welcome.

Students: A great way to find out things you want to know about which classes you’d most like to take is not only to peruse your course catalogues and look at whatever general summaries are available, but also to ask instructors for a look at their individual syllabi. Some courses (especially often those we consider “service courses) are standardized, but most are taught differently, sometimes radically differently, from one professor to another. You should learn to read course syllabi not only for the structure of the class – for the “what I need to do to succeed in the course” – but also for the course content, the instructor’s teaching philosophy, the ideological, historical, and methodological foci.

  • University of South Alabama
  • English Composition II, English 102 PDF
  • Honors Composition, English 105
  • Technical Writing, English 372
  • Writing in the Professions, English 373 Fall 03 Fall 07
  • Rhetoric – Ancient to Modern, English 402 PDF
  • Postmodern Literary Theory, English 422 PDF
  • Women and Literature, English 480/580 PDF
  • Introduction to Sociolinguistics, English 490/590 (Developed as a new course for USA )
  • Enacted Feminist Theory, English 490/590 (Developed as a new course for USA ) PDF
  • Rhetoric and Postmodernity, English 507 (Developed as a new course for USA ) PDF
  • Miami University, Ohio
  • Writing for Change, English 111
  • Making Metaphors Mean, English 112
  • Investigating Reading and Writing: Contexts, Processes, and Positions, English 112
  • New Mexico State
  • Composition and Rhetoric, English 111G
  • Composition and Rhetoric, Honors, English 111H
  • Advanced Composition and Service Learning, English 211 (Writing in the Humanities)