What We Do: Communication Architects

Kairos Communication Architects specializes in workforce development, committed to assuring that writing and research are used to their greatest advantage at all levels of your organization. We do this by providing educational seminars, experiential workshops, and practical services.

Like you, we have plenty of experience showing that 1) the ability to compose written documentation accurately, simply, and ethically is one of the most necessary and sought-after skill sets in any workplace, and 2) that traditional methods of writing instruction are inadequate to your purposes or often simply do not carry over well into the purposes of the real workplace. We also understand that in the 21st century, a highly skilled workforce means employees who can react creatively and ethically within a rapidly changing global economy.

In the new marketplace, success depends upon the ability to form alliances, share ideas, and come to agreements with individuals of various cultural, educational, ideological, and social differences. At Kairos, we are committed to teaching how these differences, far from being barriers to progress, can serve as creative forces for building vital work environments and useful solutions.

Because research and writing reach into every aspect of your organization -- often determining the direction and scope of your work -- our work often begins with consulting about strategic planning. We then want to help your workforce see the "big picture" among the details as well, and to see themselves and their work product as crucial to the success of the endeavor.  After the initial consulting period, then, and building on the strengths of your organization, we offer key employees targeted assistance -- through both time-tested strategies and strategies developed for your unique needs -- as they produce useful and ethical communications within the context of their own expertise.

Some of our work is skill-based. These are skills we teach that students implement directly into their work day, and which they build upon and maintain within their professional toolbox (editing, design, sensitivity). Sometimes circumstances call for work that is necessarily custom built, uniquely driven by context and situation. Such work is completely unique to your organization's particular needs and goals (diversity issues, conflict resolution, assessment needs, grant analysis).

Either way however, as "communication architects," we promise to build skill-sets and solutions that uniquely suit your needs and goals and to leave you not only with assets you can bank upon, but which you can renovate and reinforce as necessary!