Why "Kairos"?

Kairos is an ancient Greek term referring to "good timing." But it's more than just the sort of happy coincidence that the translation of "good timing" can sometimes mean!

It is an idea that expresses the ethical and true nature of "good." In this sense, "good" is not merely expedient, it describes how human agents are able to contributes to the long-term well being through preparation and creative behavior. Kairos means that when careful thought and ethical behavior and focused preparation intersect, the outcome is intense creativity and increased productivity.

Kairos is an ancient Greek word which means the right, decisive, and
critical moment when opportunity and action intersect.

It generally refers to the way a given context requires communication that is appropriate to the moment. Knowing how to launch such skills in the workplace demands that management and employees must carefully examine both context and purpose if they hope to influence a creative moment productively.

Productive and ethical communication must attend to both purpose and constraint (place, time, culture, and audience). The concept of kairos demonstrates that the opportune moment can be created with careful “reading” of situation and “writing” to the appropriate audience.
Kairos makes evident that using language ethically and productively depends on the writer’s ability to adapt to changing contingent circumstance, to possess the good judgment to meet occasions as they arise, and to design expedient and ethical courses of action.

Kairos Communication Architects provide 21st century approaches to 21st century problems.

We're not the first to use a classical idea to name a very new approach. Ryan Kavanaugh did the same when he named his hedge fund Milton's Opus. By enriching his thinking through focused research, finding connections between hard and soft facts, and consistently asking himself to think "outside the box," Kavanaugh not only made millions for his investors, he was also the first to anticipate the dynamics of the market that soon effected all Americans. Michael Burry named his innovative media production company, Relativity Media. By applying classical concepts to a new market in ways never before attempted, Relativity is one of the few production companies with the capital necessary to fund Hollywood movies in a sunken market.

makes clear that preparation and innovation create "good timing"!

The quest for ethical and productive communication is as old as writing itself, but teaching writing for ethical and productive communication in the workplace — by way of finding real-world solutions to real-world problems — is as obvious as it is extraordinary.