If your organization is not yet ready to hire a communication architect to train your workforce or the key personnel within your organization, or if you find yourself in a time-crunch and need reliable research and writing completed quickly, Kairos will provide, on a case-by-case basis, the primary services you require.*

Because writing -- and therefore the need for both the production and analysis of text -- is so much a part of everyday life and so vital a part of the success of highly specialized endeavors, it is impossible to list every instance and every task for which a professional "communication architect" would reduce error and increase competence. But, perhaps a partial list will spark your own creative thinking!

For our purposes, the "Services" Kairos offers can be broken down into two general categories: Everyday and Specialized.

"Everyday" services include those tasks that are going on "behind the scenes" and "one way or another" in every educational, professional, and even personal venue. We are constantly producing (writing) and evaluating (reading) text. "Specialized" services cover .... which are usually the responsibility of highly qualified individuals in their particular fields.

Everyday Services would include, for instance:
  • Proofreading/Editing
  • Copy Writing
  • Tutoring

Specialized services are more complex tasks that require a level of sophistication with written text, design, the social symbolic, research methodology, technological interfaces, and inter-disciplinary awareness found in highly credentialed professionals with extensive and wide-ranging experience. These tasks are sometimes delegated to individuals or teams who will be fully responsible for the project at hand.

Alternately, in the case of entities that either 1) do not have the need or the budget for full-time staff with credentials in these areas or 2) discover some manner of  "conflict of interest" if the task is handled "in house," these crucial tasks may necessarily be trusted to outside consultants.

The "communication architects" at Kairos are able to provide your concern with highly credentialed professionals who are able to Specialized Services in these and other areas:

  • Outcomes assessments (planning, launching, reporting)
  • Grant analysis (including review and/or writing)
  • Dramaturgy (on an on-call or full-production basis)
  • Branding (including business cards, promotional items, and other marketing tools)
  • Web design and development (and upkeep)

*As is all of our "architectural" work, however, this piece-work arrangement might also be used as a learning experience for key personnel. That is, should you choose to hire us to complete a specific task for you, we'd be glad to consult with you about instituting a short term mentoring or "shadowing" experience within the scope of that specific job as well.