All of our seminars are led by dynamic speakers. Our presentations are rich and varied and range from those that might be considered "general interest" to very specific topics meant for very specific tasks and very specific audiences. However, the thrust of all our work as consultants and trainers is to enrich your work and increase productivity. We do this through close critical analysis and improving writing and communicating across the board.

Because writing and critical thinking are inseparable skills, human value is excavated in topics as seemingly disparate as proofreading, collaboration, conflict resolution, and sensitivity training.

Our knowledgeable and effective speakers have a talent for making important concepts easy to understand. By making complex problems accessible and focusing on execution and implementation, we pride ourselves in assuring that participants have many methods by which to apply their training in daily work life. Our trainers use their experience, expertise, and dynamic personalities to bring ideas to life as they join with your organization to help you make words work!

Kairos works with participants on topics including:

  • Presentation Skills
  • Basic Writing
  • How the "Plain English" Movement can Boost Profits, Morale, and Customer Satisfaction
  • Clear and Concise Writing for Attorneys
  • Clear and Concise Writing for Medical Professionals
  • Clear and Concise Writing for Public Servants
  • Clear and Concise Writing for Educators
  • Collaborative Writing
  • Electronic Communication
  • Team-Building
  • Problem Solving
  • Planning a Diversity Initiative
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Writing
  • Scientific Writing
  • Writing in the Workplace
  • Standards of Ethical Communication
  • Computer Skills
  • Composition Dynamics and Document Design

At Kairos, our techniques are based in adult learning, collaboration, and diversity. Our style of training is highly interactive, experiential, and action oriented. In almost all cases, participants in our Seminars will interact in large and small groups to apply theories and skills to their own situations. In all training venues, our trainers challenge participants to break out of closed paradigms and open up to the possible. This creative process is launched by exploring the rich potentials inherent in adopting varied vantage points and then by analyzing the many paths available for effective, productive, and ethical human communications.