What it means to Build CommunicationWhat it means to Build Communication

Kairos is an ancient Greek word which means the right, decisive, and critical moment when opportunity and action intersect.

Welcome! We at Kairos Communication Architects look forward working with you to achieve a more fluent and smoothly functioning organization.

As a workforce development company specializing in strategic communications, design analysis, and diversity training, we are committed to assuring that writing and research are used to their greatest advantage at all levels of the organization. We are highly credentialed researchers, writers, and trainers providing standard and customized on-site training and instruction for administrators and employees based on demonstrated need and perceived organizational weaknesses.

Whether you're a 500 or 5000-worker multinational concern, a professional project manager, a research and/or grant-dependent entity, a community organization, a progressive independent entrepreneur, or an individual hoping to increase you value on the job or the job market (any combination of these), you've recognized that:

  • language skills are crucial to the success of your venture
  • that facile and productive writing and research are central
    to your long and short term goals
  • and, that most people are underprepared in these areas.
  • Seminars
  • Off-site learning sessions designed around specific topics and intended to increase productivity by sharing, expanding, and diversifying the professional toolboxes of skilled workers.
  • Workshops
  • Custom designed, on-site, intensive training and discussion groups emphasizing retention of learning through the application of techniques, skills, and fully transportable procedures.
  • Services
  • Targeted professional help including copywriting, copy editing, proofreading, tutoring, and research available on an as-needed and on-call basis.
  • Resources
  • A growing storehouse of lirint and online materials that makes available the foundation of our knowledge-base for liractice, recall, and indeliendent research.