This is just for fun, but as I began to assemble the Gallery for this site, I realized it was quickly organizing itself around issues of language, text, culture, and art. So, though this section certainly has secondary and tertiary audiences (a way to share images with friends and family across the globe), it might also function as a meditation on reading and writing and the many, many ways knowledge is made, shaped, and modified every day. So, my Gallery will include images of research expeditions, projects in progress, "found text," catching people reading and writing and making conversation and art, and all the other acts of "symbolic mediation" that make us think and connect us to other people and ideas.

  • Crones
  • Photographs of wise women and the things they do, the art they make, and the people they touch, and the people, places, and things they love.

  • Culture
  • The symbols, or "webs of significance" (Weber) that "give regularity, unity and systematicity to the practices of a group" (Bourdieu, "Outline of a Theory of Practice"). The system of shared beliefs, values, customs, behaviours, and artifacts that the members of society use to cope with their world and with one another, and that are transmitted from generation to generation through learning (Boas). To study the way a particular set of phenomenon relate to ideology, nation, ethnicity, class, and gender, and vice versa. Stuart Hall: the dimension of meaning and the symbolic in the context of the social relationships in which symbols occur, which always implies questions of power relations (see 1998 interview at

  • Katrina
  • I include this category because of the folks I’ve talked to lately in Mobile who have been displaced. In this part of the country, we all had experiences with Katrina, perhaps those of us in the University had a particular lot of intersections - many, many of our students were affected by the storm, the failure of the levies on the second day in New Orleans, and the historic, entrenched, but now transparent organization of people by race and class in this country. This area, though only populated by my immediate personal experiences in the week following the storm, is simply a register for the people who lost hope when they realized no help was really on the way. A tribute to the many people I’ve run into lately, whose stories I’ve listened to, and who showed us something we never wanted to admit.

  • Text & Context
  • Photographs of examples of, references to, and musings about "text" and "reading" writ large and in situ. Found-text.

  • Travel & Miscellaneous
  • Yep, exactly as it sounds.

  • Writing & Reading
  • Again, pretty much as it sounds, with the caveat that my (camera) gaze seems to be very much about experiencing my children learning the world. The way I understand more and more about text and art by watching these little people experience life and culture.